"Being a police officer I always struggled what to drink while working to keep hydrated and not get bloated. I then found different water flavors and started drinking those instead of sodas or energy drinks about 4 years ago. I used to use all the water enhancers like Mio and Powerade and Hawaiian Punch which claimed zero everything. I always knew something wasn't right though. I then saw OptFlavors a couple months ago and within 2 weeks I dropped 3 lbs. and my waist line was slimming. All I changed was the water mix. OptFlavors is the only water enhancer I'll use now. Tart Cherry is my all time favorite."



"As a yoga instructor and athlete, I just have to say how amazing OPT is and how it allows me to keep hydrated in a healthy and exciting new way. OPT really helps stay on point with my daily water intake  and I recommend it to all of my students. Another key point that I love about OPT is that its all natural and sugar free. I am very proud to say that I read labels on what goes into my body, and take note of products that taste great and are quality.  I can rest assured that I know OPT is just as good for me as it tastes!  Happy muscles are flexible muscles, and flexible muscles are hydrated muscles! This is going to step up my hydration game completely and I cant say thank you enough for OPT."



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